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Emily Bray
Emily Bray
262971 NC
Seaside Realty

With a passion for Outer Banks real estate, along with the knowledge I have accrued over my career, I am able to provide each and every client with the resources and information needed to buy or sell an Outer Banks property.

Originally from Danville, Kentucky, I moved to Raleigh and then Greenville before reaching my final destination in the beautiful Outer Banks. As a Business Finance major, I obtained my Masters in Business from East Carolina University- Go Pirates!

Aside from my love of real estate, I enjoy spending my time with my daughter and husband, Kelly who is a co-founder and owns the Outer Banks Distillery. When not working with buyers and sellers, you will find me on the beach, in my backyard beekeeping or baking rum-soaked candied pecans- which can be found for sale in the Kill Devil Rum Distillery.

I truly adore the Outer Banks, the local community, and its coastal ambiance. There is nothing more satisfying than helping a client purchase a home at their dream beach location or aiding those who wish to sell and find a new dream home. Allow my knowledge of the local area to assist you in finding your next home along the endless beaches of the Outer Banks.


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